SB 158-1_ Filed 01/28/2000, 14:40
Adopted 1/31/2000



    I move
that Senate Bill 158 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 3, line 16; (00)MO015801.3. -->     Page 3, between lines 16 and 17, begin a new paragraph and insert:
SOURCE: IC 15-5-1.1-8; (00)MO015801.2. -->     "SECTION 2. IC 15-5-1.1-8 IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2000]: Sec. 8. (a) The powers enumerated in this section are granted for the purpose of enabling the board to effectively supervise the practice of veterinary medicine and are to be construed liberally to accomplish this objective.
    (b) The board is vested with the sole authority to determine the qualifications of applicants for:
        (1) a license to practice veterinary medicine in this state; and
        (2) registration to practice as a veterinary technician in this state.
    (c) The board is vested with the sole authority to issue, renew, deny, suspend, or revoke:
        (1) licenses and special permits to practice veterinary medicine in this state; and
        (2) registrations or special permits to practice as a veterinary technician in this state.
    (d) The board is vested with sole authority to discipline licensed veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians consistent with the provisions of this chapter and the rules adopted thereunder.
    (e) The board is vested with the sole authority to determine the following:
        (1) The
examinations applicants are required to take.
         (2) The subjects to be covered. and
         (3) The places where and the dates on which examinations will be given.
         (4) The deadlines for applying to take the examinations.
    (f) The board may establish by rule minimum standards of continuing education for the renewal of licenses to practice veterinary medicine and for the renewal of registrations as a veterinary technician.
    (g) The board shall adopt by rule standards of professional conduct for the competent practice of veterinary medicine and the competent

practice of a veterinary technician.
    (h) Subject to IC 25-1-7, the board may conduct investigations for the purpose of discovering violations of this chapter:
        (1) by licensed veterinarians or registered veterinary technicians; or
        (2) by persons practicing veterinary medicine without a license or persons practicing as a registered veterinary technician without being registered.
    (i) The board may inspect, without notice and during normal working hours, veterinary hospitals, clinics, or other establishments to determine if such places meet the board's standards of cleanliness and sanitation as defined by the board's rules.
    (j) The board may hold hearings on all matters properly brought before it and in connection thereto may administer oaths, receive evidence, make findings, and enter orders consistent with the findings. The board may require by subpoena the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of papers, records, or other documentary evidence and commission depositions. The board may designate one (1) or more of its members to serve as its hearing officer.
    (k) The board may bring proceedings in the courts for the enforcement of this chapter or any rules made pursuant thereto.
    (l) The board shall have fees collected for examining and licensing veterinarians and for examining and registering veterinary technicians.
    (m) The board may enter into reciprocal agreements with its counterpart boards in other states and may effect such agreements by rule.
    (n) The board may appoint from its own membership one (1) or more members to act as representatives of the board at any meeting within or without the state where such representation is deemed desirable.
    (o) The bureau shall provide the board with full or part-time professional and clerical personnel and supplies including printed matter and equipment necessary to effectuate the provisions of this chapter.
    (p) The board may, in the manner prescribed by IC 4-22-2, adopt such reasonable rules as it deems necessary for the performance of its duties, consistent with this chapter and other applicable laws of this state. Any rule adopted under, and applicable to, the prior veterinarian and veterinary technician licensing and registration laws (IC 15-5-1 and IC 15-5-1.5) continues in effect under this chapter until rescinded or amended by the board.
    (q) The board may adopt an appropriate seal which may be affixed to all license and registration certificates and other official documents of the board.".

SOURCE: Page 5, line 11; (00)MO015801.5. -->     Page 5, line 11, strike "before the date of the".
    Page 5, line 12, strike "examination." and insert " not later than the time the board may prescribe under section 8(e) of this chapter.".
    Page 6, delete line 15.
    Page 6, line 16, delete "technician on inactive status,".
    Page 6, line 16, delete "the board" and insert "The board".
    Page 6, line 16, after "waive the" insert " continuing education requirements, if any, and".
    Page 6, line 18, delete "renewal".
    Page 6, line 18, after "period" insert " the board places the license or registration of a veterinarian or technician on inactive status".
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to SB 158 as printed January 28, 2000.)



MO015801/DI 88     2000