Mr. Speaker: Pursuant to Joint Rule 20, your Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures, to which was referred Engrossed Senate Bill 9 because it conflicts with HEA 1116-2001 without properly recognizing the existence of HEA 1116-2001, has had Engrossed Senate Bill 9 under consideration and begs leave to report back to the House with the recommendation that Engrossed Senate Bill 9 be corrected as follows:

    Page 2, line 6, delete "chapter," and insert " chapter".
    Page 4, line 22, after "IC 36-8-19-8" insert ", AS AMENDED BY HEA 1116-2001, SECTION 4,".
    Page 4, between lines 38 and 39, begin a new paragraph block indented and insert:
        "(3) Any receipts from a false alarm fee or service charge imposed by the participating units under IC 36-8-13-4.".
    (Reference is to ESB 9 as reprinted April 11, 2001.)


Representative Moses, Chairperson


Representative Munson, R.M.M.


Representative Dvorak, Sponsor

JR 000901/DI 55