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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Mary Lou Hoover Conrad.


    _______________________, read first time and referred to Committee on


First Regular Session 112th General Assembly (2001)


    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Mary Lou Hoover Conrad.

    Whereas, Mary Lou Hoover Conrad graced the lives of all Hoosiers with warmth, wit, and thoughtful graciousness;

    Whereas, Her life with Larry A. Conrad, her husband, led her to be involved in politics and public service;

    Whereas, While living and working in the world of politics and public service, she applied her musical talent to writing the award winning lyrics to U.S. Senator Birch Bayh's 1962 campaign song, "Hey Look Him Over," which was widely credited with providing instant recognition to the relatively unknown candidate;

    Whereas, Mary Lou Hoover Conrad proved to be a tireless campaigner on behalf of her husband in his pursuit of public office, inspiring men, women, and children in all sections of Indiana and from all walks of life;

    Whereas, Mary Lou Hoover Conrad helped to build a successful business and, along with her husband, reached across political divisions, bringing people together from all backgrounds to begin the renaissance of Indianapolis in the 1980's;

    Whereas, Mary Lou Hoover Conrad prized education for all and promoted educational excellence in Indiana by providing outstanding service as a member and officer of the

Board of Trustees of Ball State University, her alma mater; and

    Whereas, Mary Lou Hoover Conrad excelled first and foremost in being a mother to her four children, a grandmother to her thirteen grandchildren and an aunt to her nephew: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives

of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana,

the Senate concurring:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana General Assembly wishes to acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of Mary Lou Hoover Conrad in improving the quality of life of all Hoosiers.
    SECTION 2. That the principal clerk of the House of Representatives shall transmit a copy of this resolution to the family of Mary Lou Hoover Conrad.