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    A RESOLUTION urging the establishment of an interim study committee to review the guaranteed energy savings contract program.

Craycraft, Skillman

    _______________________, read first time and referred to Committee on


First Regular Session 112th General Assembly (2001)



    I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A RESOLUTION urging the establishment of an interim study committee to review the guaranteed energy savings contract program.

    Whereas, The guaranteed energy savings contract (GESC) program has been in place in Indiana since 1993 for school corporations and since 1995 for units of local government;

    Whereas, The providers of these programs are certified by the Indiana department of administration and must meet statutory requirements with regard to experience in design, implementation, and installation of energy conservation measures and must provide monitoring services in addition to providing a performance bond and a guarantee of savings;

    Whereas, The GESC program has resulted in hundreds of projects being completed to the benefit of school corporations and other political subdivisions;

    Whereas, The department of commerce has adopted guidelines for the implementation of guaranteed energy savings contracts;

    Whereas, There is an ongoing need for schools and local government to conserve energy and to reduce the cost of energy consumption;

    Whereas, The Indiana Senate encourages programs and

projects concerning energy and the reduction of energy consumption; and

    Whereas, There is a need for clarification in the law, through amendment or through the adoption of rules, concerning Indiana's GESC contracts and energy efficiency programs under IC 36-1-12.5: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana Senate requests that the legislative council establish a study committee to find a method for establishing guidelines to clarify, for schools and local governments, the basis upon which guaranteed energy savings contracts are to be negotiated, including:
    (1) providing for energy conservation measures that reduce energy consumption or reduce operating costs, including future labor and contracted services;
    (2) providing for future cost avoidance for capital projects related to energy conservation and reduced energy consumption; and
    (3) providing for up front and ongoing documentation of cost savings anticipated and realized under a guaranteed energy savings contract.
    SECTION 2. That the committee, if established, shall operate under the direction of the legislative council and that the committee shall issue a final report when directed to do so by the council.