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        A RESOLUTION honoring and recognizing Barry Lessow for his outstanding community service upon the occasion of his retirement as board president and campaign co-chair of the United Way of Monroe County.

    Whereas, Barry Lessow and his wife, Denise, moved in 1987 to Bloomington, Indiana, where he earned his doctorate in education from Indiana University;

    Whereas, For more than seven years, Barry Lessow has consistently dedicated his time, often more than 30 hours a week, to community service;

    Whereas, For the last two years, Barry Lessow has served as the board president and campaign co-chair of the United

Way of Monroe County after serving on the Personnel, Allocations, Action Plan, and Finance Committees of the United Way of Monroe County;

    Whereas, Proof of Barry Lessow's dedication to Monroe County can be found in the statements of the citizens of Monroe County, some of which are: "Barry worked tirelessly on the 2000-2001 fundraising campaign" and "Barry helped bring together the generosity of donors, the skills of agency professionals, and the dedication of local volunteers to raise a record amount for the community";

    Whereas, Barry Lessow contributed much to the community through his leadership role on the Community Service Council of Bloomington and Monroe County and service with Abilities Unlimited, the Family Service Association, the Community Health Access Program, and the Indiana Association of the United Way;

    Whereas, Barry Lessow has often been described as "an optimistic and visionary community leader who consistently exemplifies how volunteers can contribute to meeting critical needs in their communities";

    Whereas, During his career, Barry Lessow focused greatly on concerns involving children and youth, including projects that ensure access to health care insurance, preschool screenings, and affordable child care for working parents;

    Whereas, Barry Lessow mobilized volunteers to lead more than a dozen public forums and hundreds of interviews with community leaders and households to complete a critically needed communitywide needs assessment, SPAN/MC, a project that has been used to leverage millions of dollars for Monroe County;

    Whereas, Barry Lessow also served as a volunteer with the Monroe County Step Ahead Council, Indiana University Office of Service and Planning, Monroe County Vision Planning Group, Monroe County Welfare-To-Work Local Planning Council, Monroe County Office of Family and Children Impact Grant Review Committee, Monroe County Workforce

Investment Board Study Group, Bloomington Volunteer Network Advisory Board, Monroe County Wrap Around (a pilot for troubled youth), Monroe County Millennium Task Force, Hoosier Healthwise Monroe County Outreach Committee, HoosierNet Board of Directors, Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association Development Committee, Monroe County Community Development Corporation Planning Committee, Indiana Institute on Disabilities and Community Advisory Board, Indiana University School of Social Work Advisory Board, and mentor for students in Indiana University residence halls;

    Whereas, Barry Lessow's awards include the Mary Alice Gray Award, the United Way of Monroe County's highest honor, the Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award, Girls Inc. Man of the Year, Options for Better Living Merit Certificate, Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year, Honorary Olympic Torch Bearer, Dean of Students Community Service Award, Buick Award for Outstanding Community Service by a Faculty Member, J.C. Penney Golden Rule nominee, honorary member of the Residence Halls Alumni Association, Jimmy Ross Award for Student Service, honorary member of the Golden Key Society, Student Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty, Project Wild Facilitator's Award, Project Learning Tree Facilitator's Award, Associate Instructor Outstanding Teaching Award, Beechler Award for Outstanding Dissertation Proposal, and the E. Wayne Gross Research Scholarship;

    Whereas, It has been noted that while Barry treasures each of these honors, he most values the opportunity to have made a difference while encouraging others to take action, be enthusiastic, and get involved with important community issues; and

    Whereas, Barry Lessow, well liked and respected for his sense of fairness and good humor, has made a lasting and significant contribution to Monroe County and the state of Indiana through his dedication to serve the needs and interests of others: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives wishes to acknowledge the dedication and contributions made to the state of Indiana and Monroe County by Barry Lessow.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a copy of this resolution to Barry Lessow and his family.


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