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    A HOUSE RESOLUTION to recognize and celebrate 100 years of Christian character education at Indiana Academy.

    Whereas, Indiana Academy opened in 1902 as the Boggstown Manual Training Academy in Boggstown, Indiana on four acres of land donated by William Applegate;

    Whereas, the first graduating class of 1908 had 11 members, but the running total of graduates from the school is over 1,800, with those who reside in over 22 countries worldwide;

    Whereas, the school moved to Cicero, Indiana on 420 acres of land, and, in 1919, the school was renamed the Indiana Academy;

    Whereas, the campus has expanded throughout the years and now includes three dormitories, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a music building/chapel, and an administration/classroom building;

    Whereas, the Indiana Academy is a coeducational boarding school at the senior high school level that features a work/study program in order to teach students the value of positive work ethics and the development of spiritual, mental, vocational, social, and physical aspects of the students;
    Whereas, since the school has a work/study program, students have several opportunities to be employed on or off the Indiana Academy campus;

    Whereas, the school is run by the Indiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is fully accredited by the Seventh- day Adventists Board of Regents, the Indiana State Department of Education, and the National Council for Private School Accreditation;

    Whereas, the Superintendent of Schools is Archie Moore; the Principal is Perry F. Pollman; and the members of the Board of Education are Clayton Farwell, President and Archie Moore, Secretary; Steve Anderson, Jesus Beltre, Barbara Bryant, Sylvia Budd, George Crumley, Kathy Griffin, Mike Hackleman, Marla Haynes, Marlin Heinlein, Ron Kelly, Bonnie Meyer, Orville Ortiz, Mary Perkins, Perry F. Pollman, Allan Smith, and Herb Wrate;

    Whereas, a Centennial Celebration is scheduled for October 10-13, 2002 to recognize and honor the excellence of Christian character applied and taught at the Indiana Academy;

Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives recognize and honor the Indiana Academy for 100 years of Christian character education.

    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives of the Indiana General Assembly transmit a copy of this resolution to each board member and student at Indiana Academy.

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