SB 318-1_ Filed 03/13/2002, 10:15



Citations Affected: IC 4-4-6.1 ; IC 6-1.1-25 ; IC 36-7; noncode.

Synopsis: Enterprise zones and redevelopment. Proposed conference committee report for ESB 318. Provides that the president of the Association of Indiana Enterprise Zones or an enterprise zone executive director designated by the president shall serve as a nonvoting, advisory member of the enterprise zone board. Allows a county or municipal redevelopment commission to sell or grant real property without a public bidding process to an urban enterprise association or a community development corporation if certain conditions are met. Specifies that a county or municipal redevelopment commission must decide at a public meeting whether to sell or grant real property to an urban enterprise association. Provides that when a community revitalization enhancement district is designated for certain purposes, the unit may spend money to develop or enhance the value of real property used for retail purposes. (This conference committee report makes technical corrections and removes provisions authorizing: (1) the use of tax increment finance revenues to reimburse public and private entities for expenses incurred in training employees of industrial facilities; (2) the executive in the largest municipality of a county to appoint an individual to serve as the executive's proxy on the county's solid waste management district board; and (3) resolves a conflict with SEA 357-2002.)

Effective: July 1, 2002.


    Your Conference Committee appointed to confer with a like committee from the House upon Engrossed House Amendments to Engrossed Senate Bill No. 318 respectfully reports that said two committees have conferred and agreed as follows to wit:

    that the Senate recede from its dissent from all House amendments and that the Senate now concur in all House amendments to the bill and that the bill be further amended as follows:

SOURCE: Page 1, line 1; (02)CC031801.1.1. -->     Page 1, line 1, delete "P.L.120-1999," and insert "SEA 357-2002, SECTION 2,".
    Page 1, line 2, delete "SECTION 1,".
    Page 2, line 8, delete "state board of tax commissioners".
    Page 2, line 9, reset in roman "department of local government finance.".
    Page 2, line 38, after "of" strike "the" and insert " its".
    Page 5, delete lines 35 through 42.
    Delete page 6.
    Page 7, delete lines 1 through 20.
    Page 12, delete lines 14 through 42.
    Page 13, delete lines 1 through 28.
    Page 18, line 6, delete "section" and insert "SECTION".
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to ESB 318 as reprinted February 27, 2002.)

Conference Committee Report


Engrossed Senate Bill 318

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igned by:

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    Senator SkillmanRepresentative Klinker

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    Senator Smith SRepresentative Pond

    Senate Conferees    House Conferees

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