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    A HOUSE RESOLUTION to honor Steven Fagan for his thirty-four years of dedication and service to the Oak Hill community.

    Whereas, Steve Fagan graduated from Oak Hill High School in 1964;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan as a student-athlete at Oak Hill lettered in football, basketball and baseball;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan earned his Bachelor's degree in 1968 from Marion College (Indiana Wesleyan University) and his Master's in 1973 degree from Indiana University;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan returned to Oak Hill United School Corporation as a teacher from 1968-2000;

    Whereas, during his years at Oak Hill United School Corporation, he served as an elementary teacher in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades and also taught driver's education;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan served as the CTA president for one term and acted as the chief negotiator on several occasions;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan held a variety of coaching positions, and served as the head athletic trainer;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan served as athletic director from 2000 to 2002;

    Whereas, it would be difficult to find anyone who has touched more lives, attended more games, or spent more time supporting the Oak Hill Golden Eagles;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan has meant as much to Oak Hill Athletics as any other single individual;

    Whereas, Steve Fagan officially retired in May of 2002, but his support for, involvement in, and influence on the Oak Hill Community will continue for many years to come.;

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. The House of Representatives of the Indiana General Assembly honors, Steve Fagan for his thirty-four years of service to the Oak Hill community and his positive influence on thousands of young people in the classroom, training room and on the playing field.

    SECTION 2. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is directed to transmit a copy of this resolution to Mr. Steve Fagan and Mr. Rob Martin, Athletic Director of Oak Hill High School.

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