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        A RESOLUTION recognizing Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. for its many accomplishments and acknowledging the donor community of Indiana for the gift of life.

    Whereas, Countless people have been given a second chance at life through organ transplantation;

    Whereas, Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. (IOPO) is the nonprofit organization that has dedicated itself to the procurement of organ, tissue, and eye donations throughout Indiana;

    Whereas, Through the hard work and generous donations of Indiana families, since 2001 there has been a 30 percent

increase in organ donors and a 19 percent increase in organs transplanted;

    Whereas, In 2002 there were 53 heart, 203 kidney, 110 liver, 52 lung, and 24 pancreatic transplants, giving the precious gift of a second chance to live to 442 people;

    Whereas, In recognition of its outstanding work in the procurement of organ donations, Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. was awarded a $1.3 million, three year federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) grant to help advance the clinical science of organ recovery to help make more organs available for transplantation from each donor;

    Whereas, Of the 59 organ recovery agencies in the United States, Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. was one of only two to receive an HRSA grant;

    Whereas, While the work of the IOPO is important in procuring organs for transplantation, transplant recipients would not be alive today without the generosity of families who have made this life-giving decision;

    Whereas, Organ donation also offers families of donors some comfort in their time of loss through the knowledge that their loved ones have been able to give a very ill person a second chance at life; and

    Whereas, Although organ transplantation does not guarantee life, it gives a seriously ill person a chance he or she would not otherwise have had to live a normal life: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives wishes to thank Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc. and the donor community of Indiana for helping to save many lives and their tireless efforts on behalf of seriously ill people of Indiana.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a copy of this resolution to Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Inc.


HR 1518/DI 84



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