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Citations Affected: IC 13-17-5 .

Synopsis: Termination of emissions testing program. Prohibits the air pollution control board from adopting rules to require motor vehicle emissions testing in Clark and Floyd counties. Voids the current rule to the extent that it requires such testing. Repeals a reference to emissions inspection stations in those counties.

Effective: July 1, 2003.

Bottorff, Cochran

    January 14, 2003, read first time and referred to Committee on Environmental Affairs.


First Regular Session 113th General Assembly (2003)

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    A BILL FOR AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning environmental law.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

SOURCE: IC 13-17-5-9; (03)IN1440.1.1. -->     SECTION 1. IC 13-17-5-9 IS ADDED TO THE INDIANA CODE AS A NEW SECTION TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2003]: Sec. 9. (a) The board may not adopt a rule under air pollution control laws that requires motor vehicles to undergo a periodic test of emission characteristics in the following counties:
        (1) A county having a population of more than seventy thousand (70,000) but less than seventy-one thousand (71,000).
        (2) A county having a population of more than ninety thousand (90,000) but less than one hundred thousand (100,000).
    (b) 326 IAC 13-1.1 is void to the extent it applies to a county referred to in subsection (a).
    (c) The board shall amend 326 IAC 13-1.1 so that it does not apply to a county referred to in subsection (a).

SOURCE: IC 13-17-5-5.4; (03)IN1440.1.2. -->     SECTION 2. IC 13-17-5-5.4 IS REPEALED [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2003].