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    A SENATE RESOLUTION memorializing the life of the late Freddie Bell Davis, May 18, 1933-June 30, 2002.


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First Regular Session 113th General Assembly (2003)



        I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A SENATE RESOLUTION memorializing the life of the late Freddie Bell Davis, May 18, 1933-June 30, 2002;

    Whereas, Freddie Bell Davis was a dynamic woman; born March 18, 1933 to Early and Vernilla Reid in Oakfield, Georgia.

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis was united in Holy Matrimony in 1948 with Henry Davis and to this union of fifty-three years three children were born, Pat, Pam and Henry, Jr.;

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis attended Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis, Indiana; graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana with a Bachelor of the Arts in Early Childhood Education; and received a Business Degree Certificate in Management Skills and Certification for Teaching and Nursing;

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis founded two day care centers named Kiddie Land I and Kiddie Land II and became the first Black woman to build two day care schools for disadvantaged children;

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis was inspired by the motto: "What a child is taught today, determines what kind of man or woman he or she will become in the future";

     Whereas, Mrs. Davis was extremely active in the Civil Rights Movement; her home was used in the 1960s as an "Underground Railroad" where most of the Civil Rights workers from the South coming for workshops at the area churches were housed, one of them

being Mrs. Coretta Scott King;

     Whereas, Mrs. Davis was very active in her community and her affiliations, achievements, and accolades include: President of Parent- Teacher Association School #41; Proposal writer for Parent activities of Preschool and Parents; Secretary of the United Northwest Area Association (UNWA); 1978 Black Expo Achievement Award "This Far by Faith Alone" Recipient; 1978 Client of the Year Award; 1979 Black Expo Black Business Woman of the Year Award Recipient; Indiana University Alumni Association; Leadership Development for Public Schools; and member of Pi Omicron Rho Omega, Alpha Delta Chapter;

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis was a woman of strong faith and was an active member of St. John Missionary Baptist Church for forty-eight years; her many good works within the church included working in the Matrons and purchasing three lots for parking;

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis was truly a trailblazer and her works did not stop at her many affiliations or with her church as she worked at Head Start, Central State Hospital, and also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jackie Greenwood of Arlington High School; and

    Whereas, Mrs. Davis's philosophy as evidenced by her life work was "If you can't help, don't harm."

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Senate memorialize the life of Freddie Bell Davis, a truly phenomenal woman who made significant contributions to her community.
        SECTION 2. That the Secretary of the Senate shall transmit copies of this resolution to Mrs. Davis' husband, Henry; her three children, Pat, Pam and Henry, Jr.; and her parents Early and Vernilla Reid.