HB 1234-2_ Filed 01/26/2004, 11:04 Turner

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    I move that House Bill 1234 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 12, line 27; (04)MO123402.12. -->     Page 12, between lines 27 and 28, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " Sec. 35. (a) As used in this section, "parent" has the meaning set forth in IC 20-8.1-1-3.
    (b) After June 30, 2004, the parent of a child who:
        (1) did not attend a kindergarten offered by a school corporation;
        (2) has not completed more thirty (30) school days (as defined in IC 20-8.1-4-20) in grade 1 in any public or private school;
        (3) applies for a grant under this section on the forms, in the manner, and before the date prescribed by the department; and
        (4) successfully completes an assessment that indicates readiness to attend grade 1, as determined under the standards prescribed by the department;
is entitled to receive a grant of one thousand dollars ($1,000).
    (c) School corporations shall administer the assessment and grant program under this chapter for the department. The department may provide for nonpublic schools to administer any part of the assessment and grant program.
    (d) The department shall develop, with the approval of the commission:
        (1) an assessment that may be used by a school corporation to determine a child's readiness to attend grade 1;
        (2) the application form for a grant; and
        (3) all other necessary standards and procedures to implement the assessment and grant program.
A charge may not be imposed on a parent or child to make an application, take an assessment, or receive a grant under this section.
    (e) A grant shall be paid from the fund not later than sixty (60) days after the department receives notice that a child has successfully completed an assessment that indicates that the child is ready to attend grade 1.The amount necessary to provide grants under this section is annually appropriated from the fund. If insufficient money is in the fund to distribute grants in a timely fashion, the amount necessary to pay the grants shall be transferred from the state general fund to the fund. A sufficient amount is annually appropriated from the state general fund to make the transfers required by this subsection.
    Page 12, line 28, delete "35" and insert " 36".
    Page 13, line 27, after "commission" insert " and the department of education".
    (Reference is to HB 1234 as printed January 23, 2004.)


Representative Turner

MO123402/DI 51     2004