SB 590-1_ Filed 03/21/2005, 11:14 Kersey

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    I move that Engrossed Senate Bill 590 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 55, line 26; (05)MO059006.55. -->     Page 55, after line 26, begin a new paragraph and insert the following:
SOURCE: ; (05)MO059006.66. -->     "SECTION 66. [EFFECTIVE UPON PASSAGE] (a) As used in this SECTION, "program" refers to the I-SaveRx prescription drug program established by the state of Illinois.
    (b) The state shall request to join and shall join with the state of Illinois and other states in participating in the program. An Indiana resident may purchase prescription drugs through the program from inspected and approved pharmacies in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and any other country approved to participate in the program.
    (c) Not later than July 1, 2005, the Indiana board of pharmacy created by IC 25-26 shall verify the inspection reports completed by the state of Illinois concerning a participating pharmacy to ensure safety in the prescription drugs purchased under the program. The board shall report the board's findings concerning the verification of the state of Illinois' determination that the participating pharmacies are safe to the legislative council and to the office of the secretary of family and social services.
    (d) Upon the verification and determination by the board in subsection (c) that the participating pharmacies in the program are safe, the office of the secretary of family and social services shall provide enrollment information for the program on the agency's Internet website. The website must include general information about the program and information concerning enrollment

procedures for the program.
    (e) This SECTION expires December 31, 2008.

SOURCE: ; (05)MO059006.67. -->     SECTION 67. An emergency is declared for this act.".
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to ESB 590 as printed March 18, 2005.)


Representative Kersey

MO059006/DI 104     2005