HB 1003-1_ Filed 01/06/2005, 16:00

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    Your Committee on       Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business     , to which was referred       House Bill 1003     , has had the same under consideration and begs leave to report the same back to the House with the recommendation that said bill be amended as follows:

SOURCE: Page 36, line 28; (05)CR100301.36. -->     Page 36, line 28, after "2." insert " (a)".
    Page 36, between lines 33 and 34, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " (b) When making appointments under subsection (a)(2), the governor shall appoint the following:
        (1) At least five (5) members belonging to the same political party as the governor.
        (2) At least three (3) members who belong to a major political party (as defined in IC 3-5-2-30) other than the party of which the governor is a member.
    Page 37, line 9, after "may" insert " not".
    Page 37, line 9, delete "written".
    Page 37, line 9, delete "delivered in advance to any" and insert " .".
    Page 37, delete line 10.
    Page 37, delete lines 33 through 35, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " Sec. 5. The board and the employees of the corporation are:
        (1) under the jurisdiction of and rules adopted by the state ethics commission; and
        (2) subject to ethics rules and requirements that apply to the executive branch of state government.
However, the board may adopt additional ethics rules and requirements that are more stringent than those adopted by the state ethics commission.
    Page 38, between lines 6 and 7, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " Sec. 9. Except as specifically provided by law, the corporation and the board are subject to IC 5-14-1.5 and IC 5-14-3.".
    Page 83, delete line 4.
    Page 83, line 5, delete "(d)" and insert " (c)".
    Page 83, line 8, delete "(e)" and insert " (d)".
    (Reference is to HB 1003 as introduced.)

and when so amended that said bill do pass.


Representative Borror

CR100301/DI 103    2005