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    Mr. Speaker: Pursuant to Joint Rule 20, your Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures, to which was referred Engrossed Senate Bill 301 because it conflicts with HEA 1288-2005 without properly recognizing the existence of HEA 1288-2005, has had Engrossed Senate Bill 301 under consideration and begs leave to report back to the House with the recommendation that Engrossed Senate Bill 301 be corrected as follows:

    Page 3, after line 29, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    "SECTION 2. IC 20-19-2-8, AS ADDED BY HEA 1288, SECTION 3, IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005]: Sec. 8. (a) In addition to any other powers and duties prescribed by law, the state board shall adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 concerning, but not limited to, the following matters:
        (1) The designation and employment of the employees and consultants necessary for the department. The state board shall fix the compensation of employees of the department, subject to the approval of the budget committee and the governor under IC 4-12-2.
        (2) The establishment and maintenance of standards and guidelines, other than building, space, and site requirements, for media centers, libraries, instructional materials centers, or any other area or system of areas in a school where a full range of information sources, associated equipment, and services from professional media staff are accessible to the school community. With regard to library automation systems, the state board may only adopt rules that meet the standards established by the state library board for library automation systems under IC 4-23-7.1-11(b).
        (3) The establishment and maintenance of standards for student personnel and guidance services.
        (4) The establishment and maintenance of minimum standards for driver education programs (including classroom instruction and practice driving) and equipment. Classroom instruction standards

established under this subdivision must include instruction about:
            (A) railroad-highway grade crossing safety; and
            (B) the procedure for participation in the human organ donor program.
        (5) The inspection of all public schools in Indiana to determine the condition of the schools. The state board shall establish standards governing the accreditation of public schools. Observance of:
            (A) IC 20-31-4;
            (B) IC 20-28-5-2;
            (C) IC 20-28-6-3 through IC 20-28-6-7;
            (D) IC 20-28-9-7 and IC 20-28-9-8;
            (E) IC 20-28-11; and
            (F) IC 20-31-3, IC 20-32-4, IC 20-32-5, IC 20-32-6, and IC 20-32-8;
        is a prerequisite to the accreditation of a school. Local public school officials shall make the reports required of them and otherwise cooperate with the state board regarding required inspections. Nonpublic schools may also request the inspection for classification purposes. Compliance with the building and site guidelines adopted by the state board is not a prerequisite of accreditation.
        (6) Subject to section 9 of this chapter, the adoption and approval of textbooks under IC 20-20-5.
        (7) The distribution of funds and revenues appropriated for the support of schools in the state.
        (8) The state board may not establish an accreditation system for nonpublic schools that is less stringent than the accreditation system for public schools.
        (9) A separate system for recognizing nonpublic schools under IC 20-19-2-10. Recognition of nonpublic schools under this subdivision constitutes the system of regulatory standards that apply to nonpublic schools that seek to qualify for the system of recognition.
         (10) The establishment and enforcement of standards and guidelines concerning the safety of students participating in cheerleading activities.
    (b) Before final adoption of any rule, the state board shall make a finding on the estimated fiscal impact that the rule will have on school corporations.".
    (Reference is to ESB 301 as printed March 22, 2005.)


Representative Whetstone, Chairperson


Representative Pelath, R.M.M.


Representative Hinkle, Author

JR 030101/DI 55