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     A HOUSE RESOLUTION to memorialize David Edgar Shellabarger for his many years of service to the community of Daleville, Indiana.

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was born on March 29, 1942 at Ball Memorial Hospital, in Muncie, Indiana;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was the first grandchild in both families and the oldest of five brothers and sisters;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger loved to farm the ground and raise cattle and show them at the 4-H Fairs;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was a 1960 graduate from Yorktown High School and received his B. S. in Business Administration from Ball State University;
    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger lived his entire life in Daleville, Indiana;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger married his wife

Connie and together they had three sons, Jay, Rick, and David Andrew (Andy);

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was a master at water skiing and continued to perform his water tricks up until the age of 61;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger retired as Superintendent of Maintenance from General Motors, Guide Division in Anderson where he had worked for 40 years;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger began his political life in 1981 as a Town Board Member and became President of the board after five years of service and remained President for nineteen years;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was the driving force to get Daleville new sewers, a new city water system, a world class water filtration system, lights on street corners, new side walks, and new city streets;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger faithfully executed the office of Town Board President, never missing a meeting, until cancer prevented him from attending;

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger was presented with the honor of renaming the town park he David E. Shellabarger Park on January 25, 2005; and

    Whereas, David Edgar Shellabarger lived to serve his community and did so until his passing on February 24, 2005 when he lost a tough battle with cancer: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives do memorialize David Edgar Shellabarger for his many years of service to the community of Daleville, Indiana.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of

Representatives transmit a copy of this Resolution to the family of David Edgar Shellabarger.

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