SB 590-1_ Filed 02/03/2005, 10:13 Miller



    I move
that Senate Bill 590 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 7, line 25; (05)MO059002.7. -->     Page 7, between lines 25 and 26, begin a new paragraph and insert:
SOURCE: IC 25-22.5-2-7; (05)MO059002.13. -->     "SECTION 13. IC 25-22.5-2-7 IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005]: Sec. 7. The board shall do the following:
        (1) Adopt rules and forms necessary to implement this article that concern, but are not limited to, the following areas:
            (A) Qualification by education, residence, citizenship, training, and character for admission to an examination for licensure or by endorsement for licensure.
            (B) The examination for licensure.
            (C) The license or permit.
            (D) Fees for examination, permit, licensure, and registration.
            (E) Reinstatement of licenses and permits.
            (F) Payment of costs in disciplinary proceedings conducted by the board.
        (2) Administer oaths in matters relating to the discharge of its official duties.
        (3) Enforce this article and assign service bureau personnel duties as may be necessary in the discharge of the board's duty.
        (4) Maintain, through the service bureau, full and complete records of all applicants for licensure or permit and of all licenses and permits issued.
        (5) Make available, upon request, the complete schedule of minimum requirements for licensure or permit.
        (6) Issue, at the board's discretion, a temporary permit to an applicant for the interim from the date of application until the next regular meeting of the board.
        (7) Issue an unlimited license, a limited license, or a temporary medical permit, depending upon the qualifications of the applicant, to any applicant who successfully fulfills all of the requirements of this article.
        (8) Adopt rules establishing standards for the competent practice

of medicine, osteopathic medicine, or any other form of practice regulated by a limited license or permit issued under this article.
        (9) Adopt rules regarding the appropriate prescribing of Schedule III or Schedule IV controlled substances for the purpose of weight reduction or to control obesity.
         (10) Adopt rules and procedures, in consultation with the board of pharmacy, concerning the electronic transmission of prescriptions. The rules adopted under this subdivision must address the following:
            (A) Privacy protection for the practitioner and the practitioner's patient.
            (B) Security of the electronic transmission.
            (C) Use of a practitioner's United States Drug Enforcement Agency registration number.
            (D) Protection of the practitioner from identity theft or fraudulent use of the practitioner's prescribing authority.
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to SB 590 as printed February 1, 2005.)


Senator MILLER

MO059002/DI 104