SB 324-4_ Filed 02/27/2006, 08:46 Thompson
Adopted 2/28/2006

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    I move that Engrossed Senate Bill 324 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 9, line 10; (06)MO032404.9. -->     Page 9, between lines 10 and 11, begin a new paragraph and insert:
SOURCE: IC 20-28-7-9; (06)MO032404.10. -->     "SECTION 10. IC 20-28-7-9, AS ADDED BY P.L.1-2005, SECTION 12, IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2006]: Sec. 9. Before a teacher is refused continuation of the contract under section 8 of this chapter, the teacher has the following rights, which shall be strictly construed:
        (1) The principal of the school at which the teacher teaches must provide the teacher with an annual written evaluation of the teacher's performance before January 1 of each year. Upon the request of a nonpermanent teacher, delivered in writing to the principal not later than thirty (30) days after the teacher receives the evaluation required by this section, the principal shall provide the teacher with an additional written evaluation.
        (2) On or before May 1, May 20, the school corporation shall notify the teacher that the governing body will consider nonrenewal of the contract for the next school term. The notification must be:
            (A) written; and
            (B) delivered in person or mailed by registered or certified mail to the teacher at the teacher's last known address.
        (3) Upon the request of the teacher, and not later than fifteen (15) days after the teacher's receipt of the notice of the consideration of contract nonrenewal, the governing body or the superintendent of the school corporation shall provide the teacher with a written statement, which:
            (A) may be developed in an executive session; and
            (B) is not a public document;
        giving the reasons for the nonrenewal of the teacher's contract.".
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to ESB 324 as printed February 24, 2006.)


Representative Thompson

MO032404/DI 75     2006