Second Regular Session 114th General Assembly (2006)

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     AN ACT concerning human services.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

SOURCE: ; (06)HE1314.1.1. -->     SECTION 1. [EFFECTIVE UPON PASSAGE] (a) As used in this SECTION, "department" refers to the state department of health established by IC 16-19-1-1.
    (b) The department shall conduct a study of:
        (1) drug abuse;
        (2) alcohol abuse; and
        (3) use of tobacco;
by women during pregnancy.
    (c) The study required by subsection (b) must include the following:
        (1) The scope of the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
        (2) Programs that are available to assist women who:
            (A) suffer from drug or alcohol abuse; or
            (B) use tobacco;
        during pregnancy.
        (3) Identification of gaps in services for pregnant women who use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
    (d) The department shall prepare a report on the study required by subsection (b). The report must include recommendations for providing programs to fill gaps in services identified under subsection (c).
    (e) The department shall submit the report to the:
        (1) legislative council; and
        (2) health finance commission;
before October 1, 2006. The report required under this subsection must be in an electronic format under IC 5-14-6.
    (f) This SECTION expires December 31, 2006.

SOURCE: ; (06)HE1314.1.2. -->     SECTION 2. An emergency is declared for this act.

HEA 1314


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