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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on their 30th anniversary season.


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Second Regular Session 114th General Assembly (2006)


    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on their 30th anniversary season.

    Whereas, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1976 as a community orchestra.

    Whereas, the 70 member orchestra is comprised of professional and volunteer musicians who share the joy of making music.

    Whereas, during the past 30 years the Carmel Symphony Orchestra has grown into an arts organization with a professional administrative staff, a talented musical director and a dedicated governing board.

    Whereas, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra provides several unique concerts throughout the year that include a mix of the classics along with a pop repertoire.

    Whereas, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra prides itself on bringing “family-friendly” concerts to the community as well as educational concerts for elementary students.

    Whereas, this season includes Family Fun! a concert dedicated to young children who are interested in sitting among the orchestra musicians and learning more about the instruments they play.

    Whereas, more than half of the orchestra musicians are involved in music education.

    Whereas, this involvement in music education has lead to strong partnerships with other arts and educational organizations such as the Indianapolis Children's Choir, Hamilton Southeastern High School, Carmel High School Symphony, the Carmel High School Wind Symphony, the Indianapolis Youth Orchestra, and an ongoing yearly partnership with Anderson University Chorale and Symphonic Chorus.

    Whereas, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra is unique nationally in that it is a hybrid of professional and volunteer musicians with high artistic standards that has chose to focus especially on serving children and their families. Therefore,

    Whereas, 2005-2006 Board of Directors includes: Don Bennett, President; Tom Akins, Vice President; Paul Sweeney, Secretary; Carl Mills, Treasurer; Bob Land; Dan Moriarity; Ersal Ozdemir; Tracy Phillips; Maryann Snyder; Ann Manship, Orchestra President; Melinda Bowman, Orchestra Representative; Alan Davis, Ex-officio; David Bowden, Ex- officio.

Whereas, the 2005-2006 members of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra include: David Bowden, Music Director and Conductor; Larry Shapiro, Concertmaster; Kate Withrow, Assistant Concertmaster; Shara Cutts; Hebe de Champeaux; Teresa Fritsche; Ingrid Hobbs; Andrew Ling; Ann Manship; Mary McLean; Blake Richardson; Reinhold Strnat; Hannah Yim; Kathy Schemine, Principal; Andrea Byers; Mary Cole; Amanda Cornet; Sandy Fartouh; Kara Hazen; John Kassebaum; Jill Kirk; Chuck Okada; Eugene Paik; Anne-Marie Schreiber; Pat Williams-Price; Kris Zaloudek; Suzane Um, Principal; Sarah Belt; Melinda Bowman; Katie Garvey; Rachel Gries; Robin Hong; Karen Hutchins; Barbara Jeffries; Rachel Morris; Julie Hampton Scull; Nancy Smith, Principal; Nancy Boettner; Jan Brill; Eunjung Hwang; Kelly Makeever, Joerg Schreiber; Jennifer Weber; Rose Meyers, Principal; Matt Greven; Andy

Katt; Don McKibben; Hennessey Ng; Laura Payne; Karen Sheely, Principal; Kathy Sasseman; Kim Coplen; Monika Spangler; Steve Nelson, Principal; Sharon McCullough; Tama Poncar; Ed Staubach, Principal; Laura Richardson; Kate Engle; Pawel Wnuk, Principal; Erin Johnson; Matthew Hogan; Dan Poncar, Principal; Ginny Kundrat; Larry Lemon; Bill Richardson; Steve Pfoser, Principal; Bob Bonner; Mitch Spencer; Jim Rodenbeck, Principal; Tom Price; Ken Shearer; Andy Meyer; Jason Spangler; Mark Stempel, Principal; Ken Belt; Jeff Dick; Keli Welsh; Alissa Shoemaker, Principal.

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives

of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana,

the Senate concurring:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana General Assembly wishes to congratulate the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on their 30th year anniversary season.

    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a copy of this resolution to Don Bennett, President of the Board of Directors and David Bowden, Music Director and Conductor of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra.