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        A RESOLUTION recognizing and supporting Comprehensive Cancer Control and the Indiana Cancer Consortium.

    Whereas, Cancer is the second leading cause of death for adults in Indiana;

    Whereas, Cancer is the second leading cause of death for children between ages 5 and 14;

    Whereas, About 13,000 Hoosiers - nearly 36 people per day or almost two people every hour - will die of the disease annually;

    Whereas, Approximately 2.5 million Hoosiers, two in five, now living will eventually develop cancer;

    Whereas, Nearly 31,200 Indiana residents are diagnosed with cancer each year;

    Whereas, Indiana's incidence rate for cancer is 451.4 per 100,000;

    Whereas, Indiana's 213.7 per 100,000 cancer mortality rate is 5 percent higher than the national average;

    Whereas, In 2004, the overall cost of cancer in the United States was $189.8 billion, $69.4 billion for direct medical costs, $16.9 billion for lost worker productivity due to illness, and $103.5 billion for lost worker productivity because of premature death;

    Whereas, The significant growth of cancer prevention and control programs within health agencies has resulted in the recognition that improved coordination of cancer control activities is essential to maximize resources and reduce the cancer burden in Indiana;

    Whereas, Comprehensive cancer control (CCC) results in many benefits, including increased efficiency for delivering public health messages and services to the public;

    Whereas, Cancer plans are the stepping stones for advancing comprehensive cancer control programs;

    Whereas, The Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC) is a statewide network of public and private partnerships whose mission is to reduce the cancer burden in Indiana through the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive cancer control plan that addresses cancer across the continuum from prevention through palliation;

    Whereas, The ICC is an association of diverse organizations representing health care providers and delivery systems, cancer programs, health insurance plans, employers,

public health agencies, professional organizations, minority groups, health profession schools, advocacy groups, research institutions, and wellness organizations;

    Whereas, The ICC maintains close working relationships with the Indiana State Department of Health and the State Health Commissioner; and

    Whereas, The ICC, in collaboration with the Indiana State Department of Health, has developed the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2005-2008, which provides a framework for action in reducing cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality in Indiana by providing statewide coordination of public and private cancer control efforts that are ongoing or needed within the state: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives wishes to recognize, support, and promote Comprehensive Cancer Control and the Indiana Cancer Consortium in its statewide efforts to reduce the burden of cancer on the population of the state of Indiana.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a copy of this resolution to Governor Mitch Daniels, Victoria Champion, DNS, Indiana Cancer Consortium Co-Chair, and Stephen D. Williams, MD, Indiana Cancer Consortium Steering Committee Chair.


HR 1532/DI 84



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