HB 1280-1_ Filed 02/10/2006, 09:26 Ford



    I move
that House Bill 1280 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 16; (06)MO128002.2. -->     Page 2, line 16, reset in roman "However,".
    Page 2, line 16, delete "The" and insert "the".
    Page 2, line 20, delete "The offer of" and insert " An unsolicited advertisement to a person by telephone facsimile machine offering".
    Page 2, line 22, delete "to a person by an" and insert " .".
    Page 2, delete line 23.
    Page 2, line 31, delete "transmitting" and insert " using a telephone facsimile machine to transmit".
    Page 2, line 32, delete "facsimile".
    Page 4, line 14, delete ""Unsolicited facsimile advertisement" means material" and insert " "Telephone facsimile machine" means equipment that has the capacity to transcribe text or images, or both, from:
            (A) paper into an electronic signal
and to transmit that signal over a regular telephone line; or
            (B) an electronic signal received over a regular telephone line onto paper.
        (13) "Unsolicited advertisement" means material advertising the commercial availability or quality of:
            (A) property;
            (B) goods; or
            (C) services;

        that is transmitted to a person without the person's prior express invitation or permission, in writing or otherwise.
    Page 14, delete lines 15 through 24.
    (Reference is to HB 1280 as reprinted January 24, 2006.)


Senator FORD

MO128002/DI 106