SB 112-1_ Filed 03/13/2006, 12:15
Adopted 3/13/2006



Citations Affected: IC 2-5; IC 5-10; IC 12-7; IC 12-9; IC 12-12.7; IC 12-17; IC 16-38; IC 20-12; IC 20-35; IC 27-8.

Synopsis: Transfer of first steps program. Conference committee report for ESB 112. Creates the bureau of child development services within the division of disability, aging, and rehabilitative services. Places the infants and toddlers with disabilities program (first steps) under the bureau of child development services. Reorganizes language regarding the copayment schedule and copayment requirements. Specifies the health records to which the division has access in administering first steps. Requires families participating in first steps to consent to allow the division to bill third party payors. Requires the division to waive a family's copayment in any month for which the division receives payment from the family's health insurance coverage. Makes conforming amendments, including a repeal of current provisions concerning first steps. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the commission on mental retardation and developmental disabilities.) (This conference committee report removes a provision that provides that the department of insurance, when considering protection against insolvency for a health maintenance organization, may accept, instead of meeting the minimum net worth requirements, either a performance bond or cash deposit.)

Effective: Upon passage.


    Your Conference Committee appointed to confer with a like committee from the House upon Engrossed House Amendments to Engrossed Senate Bill No. 112 respectfully reports that said two committees have conferred and agreed as follows to wit:

    that the Senate recede from its dissent from all House amendments and that the Senate now concur in all House amendments to the bill and that the bill be further amended as follows:

SOURCE: Page 21, line 16; (06)CC011201.1.21. -->     Page 21, delete lines 16 through 27.
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to ESB 112 as reprinted February 24, 2006.)

Conference Committee Report


Engrossed Senate Bill 112

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    Senator RogersRepresentative Brown C

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