SB 172-1_ Filed 03/13/2006, 21:28 Lubbers
Adopted 3/14/2006



Citations Affected: IC 20-28.

Synopsis: Teacher shortages. Conference committee report for ESB 172. Teacher shortages. Allows the governing body of a school corporation or an accredited nonpublic school to hire an individual who is in the process of obtaining a teacher's license under the transition to teaching program, if the individual: (1) is obtaining a license in a subject area; or (2) will be teaching in a school that is located in a school corporation; in which there is an insufficient supply of licensed teachers, as designated by the state board of education. Requires the superintendent of a school corporation to make a determination that either no fully licensed and highly qualified teacher is available or that the transition to teaching program participant is the best qualified for the position before hiring the program participant. Provides that a program participant who is hired to teach receives a transition to teaching permit, and enters into a regular or temporary teacher's contract. Requires the state board to review the designation of a subject area or school corporation as having an insufficient supply of licensed teachers every two years. (This conference committee report removes a provision, included in HB 1127 as passed by the House, that allowed the division of professional standards of the department of education to use part of the appropriations made to the division for the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 fiscal years for stipends for mentor teachers.)

Effective: July 1, 2006.


    Your Conference Committee appointed to confer with a like committee from the House upon Engrossed House Amendments to Engrossed Senate Bill No. 172 respectfully reports that said two committees have conferred and agreed as follows to wit:

    that the Senate recede from its dissent from all House amendments and that the Senate now concur in all House amendments to the bill and that the bill be further amended as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 31; (06)CC017201.1.2. -->     Page 2, delete lines 31 through 38.
    (Reference is to ESB 172 as reprinted March 2, 2006.)

Conference Committee Report


Engrossed Senate Bill 172

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    Senator RogersRepresentative Porter

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