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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the City of Gary, Indiana as it celebrates its Centennial Anniversary.


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Second Regular Session 114th General Assembly (2006)


    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the City of Gary, Indiana as it celebrates its Centennial Anniversary.

    Whereas, the City of Gary, Indiana was founded on July 14, 1906 named in honor of the chairman of U.S. Steel Corp., Elbert H. Gary, who was pivotal in the creation of the city through his vision of building the largest and most modern steel plant in the world; and

    Whereas, the population of Gary more than tripled from 16,800 people in 1910 to 55,000 people in 1920 when it became the largest city in the region and is now over 100,000 people; and

    Whereas, Gary was seen as the world's most modern city, was referred to as "The Magic City", and was a great ethnic melting pot due to the attraction of immigrants from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Ireland, and other countries for jobs in the mills; and

    Whereas, William Wirt, the "father of modern education" who moved to Gary in 1907 built an education system in the city that focused on education of the whole child and became a national model; and


Whereas, Gary's history has been colored with both times of great prosperity and times of economic challenge, from the post-war production booms after WWI and WWII to the Great Depression of the 1930s and the staggering economic recession in the 1970s; and

    Whereas, Richard G. Hatcher was elected in 1967 to serve as Mayor of Gary and subsequently elected to four more terms; he was the country's first African-American metro city mayor and worked to improve housing conditions in the city and garner federal job training programs for displaced workers and the unemployed; and

    Whereas, community leaders are currently striving to diversify Gary's economy, adding service industries and high-tech jobs to create a business mix that will include but not be limited to steel, and constructing new housing and refurbishing existing residential neighborhoods; and

    Whereas, the City's Centennial celebration events, with the theme "100 reasons to come home", will include neighborhood celebrations, a Founders Day week in July with original music scores and theater presentations, prayer breakfasts, restoration of the famous Gary Land building at Fifth Avenue and Broadway and the opening of a time capsule in April that was buried in front of City Hall in 1956; and

    Whereas, the centerpiece of the memorial festivities will be a 30 foot, granite-based sculpture named "The Fusion", which depicts the history of Gary by representing the steel industry, its workers, arts and diversified culture; Therefore

Be it resolved by the Senate     of the General Assembly

of the State of Indiana, the House of Representatives     concurring:

    SECTION 1. The General Assembly honors the City of Gary, Indiana as it celebrates its Centennial Anniversary.
    SECTION 2. The Secretary of the Senate shall transmit a copy of this Resolution to Scott L. King, Mayor of Gary, and to the Gary Centennial Committee.