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    A HOUSE RESOLUTION urging the legislative council to direct an Interim Study Committee to explore options for funding, upgrading, and coordinating the state's Emergency Alert System [EAS].

    Whereas, at times of natural or manmade emergencies or disasters fast methods to communicate with the public are critical;

    Whereas, Amber Alerts have proven to be effective tools in recovering abducted children;

    Whereas, in a time of crisis Indiana broadcasters would be the state's primary messenger to the citizens of Indiana and in a time of breakdown of other means of communication, the EAS and over-the-air broadcasters might be the only form of communication available to the Governor, Mayors, and state agencies such as Homeland Security, the Department of Health, or the State Police;

    Whereas, although the state's broadcast media are prepared to participate in the state's Emergency Alert System, the current system has significant limitations which can impede or impair the effectiveness of communication to the public;

    Whereas, modern technology exists to solve many of the problems affecting the current Emergency Alert System; and

    Whereas, Amber Alerts and other emergency notifications depend upon the Emergency Alert System for delivery of those messages to the citizens of Indiana: Therefore,


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the legislative council is urged to direct an interim study committee to explore options for funding, upgrading, and coordinating the state's Emergency Alert System
    SECTION 2. That should the topic be assigned to a committee, that committee should gather information from the various state agencies that might depend upon the Emergency Alert System for communicating with the Indiana citizens in times of emergencies or during Amber Alerts, gather information from those currently part of the Emergency Alert System, explore modern technology that would significantly improve the reliability of the Emergency Alert System, and explore options for funding that technology.
    SECTION 3. That the committee, should this topic be assigned, shall issue a final report including their findings and recommendations when directed to do so by the Council.

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