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    I move that Engrossed Senate Bill 157 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 3, line 16; (08)MO015701.3. -->     Page 3, line 16, after "test" insert " , including before receiving treatment,".
    Page 3, line 25, delete "other drug that has been determined to be abused in".
    Page 3, line 25, delete "the program's locality or any".
    Page 3, line 26, after "other" insert " suspected or known".
    Page 3, line 35, delete "must administer an administrative" and insert " and the patient must comply with the requirements under subsection (c).
    (c) If a patient tests positive under a test for a controlled substance or illegal drug that is not allowed under subsection (b), the following conditions must be met:
        (1) The opioid treatment program must refer the patient to the onsite physician for a clinical evaluation that must be conducted not more than ten (10) days from the date of the patient's positive test. The physician shall consult with medical and behavioral staff to conduct the evaluation. The clinical evaluation must recommend a remedial action for the patient that may include discharge from the opioid treatment program or amending the treatment plan to require a higher level of supervision.
        (2) The opioid treatment program may not allow the patient to take any opioid treatment medications from the treatment

facility until the patient has completed a clinical assessment under subdivision (1) and has passed a random test. The patient must report to the treatment facility daily, except when the facility is closed, until the onsite physician, after consultation with the medical and behavioral staff, determines that daily treatment is no longer necessary.
        (3) The patient must take a weekly random test until the patient passes a test under subsection (b).
    (d) An opioid treatment program must conduct all tests required under this section in an observed manner to assure that a false sample is not provided by the patient.
    Page 3, delete line 36.
    Page 4, delete line 42.
    Page 5, delete lines 1 through 7.
    Page 6, between lines 23 and 24, begin a new line block indented and insert:
        " (9) The number of patients who tested positive under a test for a controlled substance or illegal drug not allowed under section 2.5(b) of this chapter.".
    (Reference is to ESB 157 as printed February 22, 2008.)


Representative Stemler

MO015701/DI 77     2008