HB 1184-4_ Filed 01/28/2008, 07:16 Dermody

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    I move that House Bill 1184 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 3, line 42; (08)MO118406.3. -->     Page 3, after line 42, begin a new paragraph and insert:
SOURCE: IC 20-28-5-15; (08)MO118406.2. -->     "SECTION 2. IC 20-28-5-15 IS ADDED TO THE INDIANA CODE AS A NEW SECTION TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008]: Sec. 15. (a) This section applies to an individual who is:
        (1) licensed under this chapter; and
        (2) employed by a governing body that chooses to establish a testing program under this section.
    (b) Not more than one (1) time during each five (5) year period, an individual may request to be tested by a written examination to demonstrate the individual's increasing level of proficiency in the subject areas in which the individual teaches.
    (c) An individual who successfully demonstrates the individual's proficiency under subsection (b) is entitled to receive one thousand dollars ($1,000) each year for the five (5) years following the individual's demonstration of proficiency, paid to the individual by the governing body.
    (d) The advisory board shall recommend to the state board for
adoption suitable examinations that test varying levels of teacher proficiency.
    Renumber all SECTIONS consecutively.
    (Reference is to HB 1184 as printed January 25, 2008.)


Representative Dermody

MO118406/DI 71     2008