HB 1172-1_ Filed 02/12/2009, 07:02 Riecken
Adopted 2/12/2009

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    I move that House Bill 1172 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 4, line 9; (09)MO117203.4. -->     Page 4, line 9, delete "into or" and insert " into:".
    Page 4, delete lines 10 through 11.
    Page 4, line 12, delete "(B)" and insert " (A)".
    Page 4, line 13, delete "(C)" and insert " (B)".
    Page 4, delete line 15.
    Page 4, between lines 15 and 16, begin a new line blocked left and insert:
" The department shall direct contractors to demonstrate a good faith effort to meet participation goals. The good faith effort shall be demonstrated by contractors using the repository of certified firms created under IC 4-13-16.5-3 or a similar repository maintained by a unit of local government.".
    Page 4, between lines 20 and 21, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " (i) The commission shall advise the department on developing a statement, to be included in all applications for and agreements
governing grants made with state funds, stating the importance of the use of minority and women's business enterprises in fulfilling the purposes of the grant.".
    (Reference is to HB 1172 as printed February 6, 2009.)


Representative Riecken

MO117203/DI 14     2009