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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the Melody Makers of Indiana Association, originally Indiana Extension Chorus, on its 75th year.

Klinker, Brown T, Duncan, Truitt, Cherry

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First Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2009)


    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring the Melody Makers of Indiana Association, originally Indiana Extension Chorus, on its 75th year.

    Whereas, the Melody Makers of Indiana Association, a ladies' chorus program, was started in 1934 by Dr. Albert P. Stewart (founder of the Purdue Musical Organizations) with a small group of women from Tippecanoe County who sang for a radio show on WBAA at Purdue University, and

    Whereas, Dr. Stewart expanded the program in conjunction with the Purdue Extension Service and formed choruses in many of Indiana's 92 counties, and

    Whereas, the program continues today as part of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association, an affiliate of Purdue Extension Service, with 27 of Indiana's counties having singing groups, some representing more than one county, and

    Whereas, Dr. Scott Buchanan, Director of Choral Activities at Indiana State University and State Choral Director of Melody Makers of Indiana Association, has been directing approximately 500 women in song since July 2005; and

    Whereas, the Melody Makers of Indiana Association strives to enrich our communities and create a bond with other people throughout the state of Indiana, while providing the opportunity to foster healthy relationships through the medium of music, and

    Whereas, the Melody Makers of Indiana Association endeavor to promote the art of choral music through excellence in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship, and

    Whereas, all members give their time and talent for the love of music and performing, and

    Whereas, each county's chorus is an individual chorus, and

    Whereas, each county's chorus rehearses designated music all year individually in preparation for “Festival Day” at Purdue each June where all the counties' singing groups join forces to present a concert for the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association's Home and Family Conference, and

    Whereas, each county chorus has its own practice schedule as well as individual names, such as the Benton County Chorus, Blackford/Jay County Chorus, Carroll County EH Chords, Clay, HomEchoes of Clinton County, DeKalb County Melody Makers, Elkhart Chorus, Fulton/Cass County Choral Club, Gibson County Choral Club, Hamilton County Silvernotes, Hendricks County Choral Club, Howard County Choraliers, Kosciusko County Extension Chorus, Lake County The Notables, Madison County Music Makers, Marion County Extension Chorus, Marshall County Music Makers, Monroe County Chorus, Montgomery County Chorus, Parke's Choral Club, Porter/Jasper County Choraliers, Pulaski County Extension Chords, Starke County Choralaires, Choral Club of Tippecanoe County (Tippi), Vanderburgh County Choral

Club, Vigo County Extension Homemakers Chorus, and Wells County Extension Chorus, and

    Whereas, each county chorus has a different performance schedule throughout the year, such as singing at county fairs, the Indiana State Fair, nursing/retirement homes, senior citizen functions, and county or private organizations, therefore;

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives

of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana,

the Senate concurring:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana General Assembly congratulates the Melody Makers of Indiana Association on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary and for its endeavors to promote choral music all over the state of Indiana.