SB 506-11_ Filed 02/09/2009, 10:56 Young R



    I move that Senate Bill 506 be amended to read as follows:

    Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert the following:
    “SECTION 11. IC 36-1.5-4-11, AS ADDED BY P.L.186-2006, SECTION 4, IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE July 1, 2009]: Sec. 11. (a) The voters of a political subdivision may initiate a proposed reorganization by filing a written petition, substantially in the form prescribed by the department, with the clerk of the political subdivision that:
        (1) proposes a reorganization; and
        (2) names the political subdivisions that would be reorganized in the proposed reorganization.
    (b) If the written petition is signed by at least five three percent (5%) (3%) of the voters of the political subdivision, as determined by the vote cast in the political subdivision for secretary of state at the most recent general election, the clerk of the political subdivision shall certify the petition to the legislative body of the political subdivision.”.
    (Reference is to SB 506 as reprinted February 6, 2009.)


Senator YOUNG R

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