SB 348-2_ Filed 02/23/2009, 09:09 Landske



    I move
that Senate Bill 348 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 16, line 30; (09)MO034805.16. -->     Page 16, line 30, delete "subsection (c)," and insert " subsections (c) and (d),".
    Page 17, between lines 24 and 25, begin a new paragraph and insert:
     (d) In a county having a population of more than four hundred thousand (400,000) but less than seven hundred thousand (700,000), the committee members are as follows:
        (1) The library director of each library district in the county.
        (2) In addition to the member appointed under subdivision (1), one (1) member appointed by the board of trustees of the most populous library district in the county.

         (3) Each county commissioner or the commissioner's designee, who must be a resident of the commissioner's district.
        (4) Each county council member or the member's designee, who must be a resident of the county council member's district.
    Page 17, line 25, delete " (d)" and insert " (e)".
    (Reference is to SB 348 as printed February 20, 2009.)



MO034805/DI 87