SB 374-1_ Filed 02/16/2009, 11:59



    The Senate Committee on Natural Resources, to which was referred Senate Bill No. 374, has had the same under consideration and begs leave to report the same back to the Senate with the recommendation that said bill be AMENDED as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 14; (09)AM037401.2. -->     Page 2, line 14, after "products." insert " The term does not include grasses or other plants that may be used to feed livestock.".
    Page 2, line 16, delete "shall" and insert " may".
    Page 2, between lines 27 and 28, begin a new line block indented and insert:
        " (4) The lease must include limitations on the height of any vegetation that is grown.".
    (Reference is to SB 374 as introduced.)

and when so amended that said bill do pass .

Committee Vote: Yeas 8, Nays 0.


Senator Mishler, Chairperson

AM 037401/DI 77    2009