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     A SENATE RESOLUTION regarding the Climate Security Act of 2009.


     , read first time and referred to Committee on


First Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2009)



    I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A SENATE RESOLUTION regarding the Climate Security Act of 2009.
    Whereas, the Climate Security Act of 2009 is drafted to address rising greenhouse gas emissions of the United States and other developed countries;

    Whereas, CountryMark Refinery is an Indiana-based small farmer-owned cooperative refinery using 100% American crude oil from the Illinois basin;

    Whereas, farmers rely on the domestic crude oil as fuel for planting and harvesting;

    Whereas, small farmer-owned cooperative refineries, such as CountryMark, represent a significant investment by farmers in rural agricultural areas;

    Whereas, the Act provides a distinct advantage to companies with crude oil revenues as compared to small farmer-owned cooperative refiners because the low refining margins of the small farmer-owned cooperative refineries negatively affect their financial viability;

    Whereas, small farmer-owned cooperative refineries will be forced to close due to the substantial financial costs associated with the Act;

    Whereas, as envisioned, the timeline for enforcement of the Act will force CountryMark and other similar small farmer- owned cooperative refineries out of business;

    Whereas, rural areas have limited transportation options and the economic well-being of these areas is dependent on small farmer-owned cooperative refineries;

    Whereas, the cost of regulation will be ongoing and cannot be absorbed by companies like CountryMark and therefore the Act is financially not viable for small farmer-owned cooperative refineries;

    Whereas, there is a disproportionate apportionment of allowances among the major economic sectors; and

    Whereas, the Act provides very little transitional help for small farmer-owned cooperative refineries: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana Senate urges the Indiana Congressional Delegation to adopt one or more forms of relief for small farmer-owned cooperative refineries. Several forms of relief exist, including the following:
    `.a a.      Additional allowances may be provided for small farmer- owned cooperative refineries.
    `.b b.      An exemption may be provided for small farmer-owned cooperative refineries.
    `.c c.      A delayed effective date could be established for small farmer-owned cooperative refineries with a phased in implementation.
    SECTION 2. The Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to

transmit a copy of this Resolution to each member of the Indiana Congressional Delegation.