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    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to honor outgoing Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Suellen Kinder Reed, for her extraordinary dedication to bettering education for Hoosier students throughout her sixteen-year tenure.


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First Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2009)


    A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to honor Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Suellen Kinder Reed, for her extraordinary dedication to bettering education for Hoosier students throughout her sixteen-year tenure.

    Whereas, Dr. Suellen Kinder Reed was elected in 1992 as the first female Superintendent of Public Instruction. She began her historic tenure in January 1993 and leaves office as the longest-serving Superintendent of Public Instruction for our great State of Indiana to seek out new opportunities and welcome new challenges;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed has drawn from her personal experience and knowledge as a teacher and administrator working with students of all ages and abilities to strengthen Indiana's education system;

    Whereas, Due to Dr. Reed's tireless pursuit of increasing academic standards, assessments and school accountability, Indiana has risen from being ranked thirty-fourth among states for high school graduates pursuing higher education in 1992 to its current ranking of tenth;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed was instrumental in co-founding Indiana's Education Roundtable in 1998 by reaching across the aisle and achieving bi-partisan collaboration in order to work towards educational improvements and change.

Through setting high standards and expectations of continued bipartisan work, the Education Roundtable has brought Indiana national notoriety;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed's persistent pursuit for Hoosier student excellence is evidenced by her relentless support for Public Law 221 detailing Indiana's school accountability system which became law almost three years before the federal mandate of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed cultivated educational exchange partnerships with numerous countries throughout Europe and Asia, in addition to broadening learning opportunities for Hoosier students to immerse themselves in foreign language, cultures and different pedagogical approaches around the world;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed remained responsive to current trends and issues in schools as she consistently visited every school in Indiana's ninety-two counties during each of her terms. Dr. Reed's accessibility also enabled constant and immediate monitoring of initiatives and standards which helped enhance the learning opportunity for Hoosier students by facilitating proactive responses;

    Whereas, To build accountability back to teachers, parents, elected officials and communities, Dr. Reed provided unparalleled and transparent access to school performance information through annual school report cards published in local newspapers and through the Indiana Department of Education web site. This accessibility to current information better enables policy makers to make decisions regarding change to strengthen and build Indiana's education system;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed believes in the potential of all Hoosier students and wants them to be as successful as possible. In raising the education bar in Indiana, Dr. Reed worked tirelessly to set expectations for our schools by

outlining clear and rigorous learning goals for each grade level. Due to Dr. Reed's efforts, Indiana's K-12 academic standards are consistently ranked among the best in the nation and Indiana's Core 40 curriculum has been endorsed by higher education and business communities for preparing Hoosier students for college and workforce success;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed has been honored throughout her career for exemplary work and dedication to education and the community. Some of her awards include Rushville Woman of the Year, Indiana Network of Women Administrator Achievement Award, Indiana Chamber of Commerce Government Leader of the Year Award, Indiana School Counselors Friend of Youth Award, First Annual Indiana School Safety Leadership Award, Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association Friend of Foreign Languages Award and Indiana Council for the Social Studies Citizenship Award;

    Whereas, Dr. Reed not only advocates for the advancement and appreciation of quality education, but serves as a living example evidenced by her post-master's and postdoctoral work at more than ten Universities throughout the United States and abroad. Her resolve to always pursue higher knowledge and education is truly an inspiration to all Hoosiers; Therefore:

Be it resolved by the Senate     of the General Assembly

of the State of Indiana, the House of Representatives     concurring:

    SECTION 1. That Suellen Kinder Reed has served sixteen years as Superintendent of Public Instruction and leaves her historic mark as the longest serving and first woman chief executive officer of the Indiana Department of Education. Dr. Reed has tirelessly pursued increased excellence and standard-setting benchmarks of achievement for Indiana schools in order to provide indispensable knowledge and skills to prepare Hoosier students for workforce or higher education success.

    SECTION 2. The Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to the Indiana Department of

Education, Dr. Suellen Kinder Reed and her family.