SB 230-1_ Filed 02/01/2010, 09:30 Waltz
Adopted 2/1/2010



    I move
that Senate Bill 230 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 13; (10)MO023002.2. -->     Page 2, line 13, after "delivers" insert " initial".
    Page 2, line 15, after "give" insert " the initial".
    Page 2, line 19, after "agency." insert " For purposes of this subdivision, "initial notice" means the first notice provided of a meeting and does not include any subsequent notices, unless the meeting date, time, or location is changed. If a governing body fails to give initial notice under this subdivision:
            (A) the failure to give notice does not invalidate any proceedings taken by the governing body, including the validity of any bonds issued that are the subject of the proceeding; and
            (B) a court may not declare void any policy, decision, or final action under section 7 of this chapter based on the failure to give a person notice under this subdivision.
    Page 2, line 35, reset in roman "which".
    Page 2, line 35, delete "and persons who".
    Page 2, line 36, delete "under subsection (b)(2) or (b)(3)".
    Page 2, line 40, reset in roman "according to this section.".

    Page 2, line 40, delete "under subsection (b)(1).".
    Page 2, between lines 40 and 41, begin a new line blocked left and insert " Notice of the meeting is not required to be given under subsection (b)(3).".
    (Reference is to SB 230 as printed January 29, 2010.)


Senator WALTZ

MO023002/DI 87