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    A SENATE RESOLUTION recognizing the 9th Annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.”


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Second Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2010)



    I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A SENATE RESOLUTION recognizing the 9th Annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.”

    Whereas, The National Engineers Week Foundation sponsors National Engineers Week every February as a way to ensure a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce. The foundation aims to increase understanding of, and interest in, engineering and technology careers among young students;

    Whereas, National Engineers Week includes “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” as part of its efforts to increase interest in the engineering profession among women, who are severely under-represented in the engineering profession;

    Whereas, Currently, only 20 percent of engineering undergraduates are women, and only 10 percent of the engineering workforce are women;

    Whereas, The 9th Annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” will be held on February 18, 2010;

    Whereas, The event is designed to be a fun and educational way to introduce girls to engineering careers through hands-on activities and direct interaction with engineers and scientists;

     Whereas, Young women will undoubtedly be inspired to become the next generation of future scientists and engineers; and

    Whereas, “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” is an excellent way to provide strong role models to young girls, and help them explore the areas of engineering and technology: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. The Indiana State Senate recognizes the 9th Annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.”
    SECTION 2. The Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to the National Engineers Week Foundation.