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    A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Bill Darwin for his years of excellence in the field of broadcasting.


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Second Regular Session 116th General Assembly (2010)



    I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Bill Darwin for his years of excellence in the field of broadcasting.

    Whereas, In 2009, Bill Darwin's decade-spanning career in broadcasting at WTRC in Elkhart, Indiana came to an end when the radio changed its format from talk radio to music;

    Whereas, Darwin seemed destined to work behind a microphone. At 15, he began working at a radio station through a high school program. After high school, he served in the United States Army. He was stationed in Japan with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service;

    Whereas, Following military service, Darwin went on to work for radio and television stations in Kalamazoo, Michigan before settling in Elkhart, Indiana, to work on a morning radio show;

    Whereas, Darwin spent the next 40 years working in Elkhart on radio and television programs. During his career, he interviewed numerous celebrities and local names, including Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Henry Winkler, Sonny Bono, and Dolly Parton;

    Whereas, Darwin's involvement within the Elkhart community extends beyond his radio show. He remains active with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where he has served as emcee over the annual Labor Day MDA telethon for over 30 years;

    Whereas, Darwin is also active in areas relating to cancer research. He has served as emcee of the Cancer Society's Relay for Life - a cause that hits close to home. Darwin's wife, Ginger, is a cancer survivor who serves as his inspiration to participate in events that seek to find a cure for the disease;

    Whereas, Darwin's work in the community has not gone unrecognized. In 2007, the city of Elkhart honored him for his dedication with a key to the city;

    Whereas, Despite the end of his radio show, Bill Darwin intends to remain active in the city of Elkhart and in broadcasting; and

    Whereas, Bill Darwin helped shape the current identity of Elkhart. He remains a pillar of the community and his work at WTRC will leave an enduring legacy: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. The Indiana Senate recognizes Bill Darwin for his long and successful career in broadcasting.
    SECTION 2. The Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Bill Darwin and his wife, Ginger.