HB 1474-1_ Filed 02/17/2011, 08:35

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    Your Committee on       Public Health     , to which was referred       House Bill 1474     , has had the same under consideration and begs leave to report the same back to the House with the recommendation that said bill be amended as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 9; (11)AM147401.2. -->     Page 2, between lines 9 and 10, begin a new line block indented and insert:
        " (12) The date of the pregnancy termination.
        (13) The date the form was received by the state department.
    Page 2, between lines 18 and 19, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " (c) The dates in subsection (a)(12) and (a)(13) may not be
redacted for any use of the form.
    Page 2, line 19, delete "(c)" and insert " (d)".
    Page 2, line 19, after "the" insert " completed".
    (Reference is to HB 1474 as introduced.)

and when so amended that said bill do pass.


Representative Brown T

AM147401/DI 77    2011