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        A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring Angela Jewell.

Smith V, Summers

    _______________________, read first time and referred to Committee on


First Regular Session of the 117th General Assembly (2011)


        A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION honoring Angela Jewell.

    Whereas, Angela Jewell joined the staff of the Legislative Services Agency on August 18, 1986, and left its employ on April 29, 2011;

    Whereas, According to Angela's husband, Bob, she would not last six months at her new job;

    Whereas, Angela proved him wrong, causing him to come to the conclusion that they must be spreading gold dust around because she enjoyed her job so much;

    Whereas, During her time here, Angela was a ray of sunlight and a friendly face that greeted all those who entered Room 301;

    Whereas, Always a team player, no job was too big or too small for Angela;

    Whereas, Angela willingly accepted all assignments and completed them in a thorough and efficient manner;

    Whereas, When her husband passed away at 59, on August 12, 1992, Angela was left alone with two daughters, Natalie and Cydni;

    Whereas, Angela is a large part of the lives of her two grandsons, Aaron and Matthew;

    Whereas, A woman of great faith, Angela is active in her community and in the Grace Apostolic Church, having served as the church secretary for 14 years;

    Whereas, Although Angela has been plagued with health problems, she accepted them with grace and dignity and never wanted to be away from her job at the front desk;

    Whereas, Angela was born in Marion, Indiana, to Hazel and Carlyle Gulliford, one of five daughters and two sons;

    Whereas, Angela moved to Indianapolis to attend Indiana Central College, where she met her future husband, Bob Jewell; and

    Whereas, Angela Jewell dedicates her life to helping others, whether they be family, friends, or co-workers; her presence at the Statehouse will be missed by all of us who know and love her: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives

of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana,

the Senate concurring:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana General Assembly wishes to thank Angela Jewell for her years of dedicated services to the Legislative Services Agency and the Indiana General Assembly and to wish her well in the years to come.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit a copy of this resolution to Angela Jewell and her family.