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    A HOUSE RESOLUTION to congratulate Mr. Ted Bumbleburg on his being named Outstanding Professional of the Year by the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association

    Whereas, Ted Bumbleburg currently serves the city of Lafayette as the Superintendent of Parks; and,

    Whereas, the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association annually names an Outstanding Professional of the Year, and awarded this honor in 2010 to Mr. Bumbleburg for a long record of distinguished service in the field of park administration; and,

    Whereas, Mr. Bumbleburg's career began in grounds maintenance at the Lafayette Municipal Golf Course, from which position we worked himself up through general carpentry, softball field maintenance, and playground maintenance, before reaching the position of Facilities

Director, and finally of Superintendent; and,

    Whereas, as Superintendent, Mr. Bumbleburg is responsible for the management and administration of over 700 acres of park land, an assignment that includes a municipal golf course, a zoo, three water facilities, and 22 parks; and,

    Whereas, having received his first degree from Purdue University, a Bachelor of Science in Supervision, out of a desire to improve himself and his ability to serve his community Mr. Bumbleburg returned to the university for a second degree, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Recreation Education; and,

    Whereas, the city of Lafayette and the lives of its residents have benefitted substantially from the many years of Mr. Bumbleburg's hard work and service to his community: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives congratulates Ted Bumbleburg of Lafayette on being named Outstanding Professional of the Year by the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association, and thanks him for his lifetime of service to his neighbors.

    SECTION 2. That Principal Clerk of the House transmit a copy of
this resolution to Parks and Recreation department of Lafayette, and to Ted Bumbleburg.

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