SB 260-1_ Filed 02/10/2011, 09:06 Randolph



    I move
that Senate Bill 260 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 42; (11)MO026002.2. -->     Page 2, line 42, delete "and".
    Page 3, line 1, delete "both." and insert " both; and
            (C) issuing bonds.
    Page 3, line 2, delete "Prohibit" and insert " If the legislative body chooses to finance clean energy improvements under this chapter by issuing bonds, authorize".
    Page 3, line 2, delete "from issuing" and insert " to issue".
    Page 5, between lines 28 and 29, begin a new line blocked left and insert:
" An assessment indicated against a property on the assessment roll is presumed to be of special benefit to the property.".
    Page 7, line 13, delete "chapter." and insert " chapter, to the extent permitted by the terms of the financing.
    Sec. 14. This section applies if a legislative body issues bonds to finance clean energy improvements under this chapter. The legislative body shall issue bonds in anticipation of the collection of the assessments to finance the installation of clean energy improvements in buildings, regardless of whether the buildings or the real property on which the buildings are located are privately or publicly owned. The legislative body shall:

        (1) issue and sell the bonds in the manner prescribed for other bonds of the unit; and
        (2) make the payments on the bonds over a term of twenty (20) years.
    (Reference is to SB 260 as printed February 8, 2011.)



MO026002/DI 103