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    I move that Engrossed Senate Bill 226 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 1, line 9; (13)MO022607.1. -->     Page 1, line 9, delete "has the" and insert " means the:
         (1) county council, for a county not having a consolidated city;
        (2) city-county council, for a consolidated city or county having a consolidated city;
        (3) common council, for a city other than a consolidated city;
        (4) town council, for a town; and
        (5) township board, for a township.
    Page 1, delete line 10.
    Page 2, line 18, after "dropped," insert " the case is disposed of in a manner that does not include an acquittal or a conviction (including through a pretrial diversion program, a forensic diversion program, or a program established by a problem solving court),".
    Page 2, delete lines 22 through 41, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    " (c) If a member of the legislative body of a unit is:
        (1) a resident of the same household as the local elected official; or
        (2) related to the local elected official as:
            (A) father;
            (B) mother;
            (C) son;
            (D) daughter;
            (E) husband;
            (F) wife;
            (G) brother;
            (H) sister;
            (I) uncle;
            (J) aunt;
            (K) nephew;
            (L) niece;
            (M) father-in-law;
            (N) mother-in-law;
            (O) son-in-law;
            (P) daughter-in-law;
            (Q) brother-in-law; or
            (R) sister-in-law;
    (Reference is to ESB 226 as printed March 29, 2013.)


Representative Heuer

MO022607/DI 87     2013