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        A HOUSE RESOLUTION honoring Mohaned Mohammed Jassim.

    Whereas, Mohaned Mohammed Jassim served the Coalition Forces with honor and distinction during the Iraq war as an interpreter and trusted advisor for units of the United States Army and Marines;

    Whereas, In his role as interpreter and trusted advisor, Mohaned Mohammed Jassim discovered subversive individuals and plots that threatened missions and personnel, and he served as a key liaison between military units and local village leadership;

    Whereas, Mohaned Mohammed Jassim engaged in this

service to the United States military at great personal danger to himself and his family;

    Whereas, Zaman Hasan Alsaedi, spouse of Mohaned Mohammed Jassim, endured three years of danger of reprisals from Saddam Hussein loyalists;

    Whereas, Zaman Hasan Alsaedi protected her husband and his service to the United States military by deflecting suspicion arising from his continual absence and by traveling to meet him in secret locations;

    Whereas, Zaman Hasan Alsaedi served her new country as a coordinator of relocation services for political refugees who had endured similar hardships in their native lands;

    Whereas, The distinguished service of Zaman Hasan Alsaedi and Mohaned Mohammed Jassim and their considerable sacrifice for the United States military were acknowledged by multiple letters of commendation and the receipt of a special immigrant visa reserved for persons who make such contributions to the well-being of the United States abroad; and

    Whereas, Zaman Hasan Alsaedi and Mohaned Mohammed Jassim officially became United States citizens in 2013 and feel a deep love and appreciation for the United States and the freedom they now enjoy: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives expresses its deepest gratitude to Zaman Hasan Alsaedi and Mohaned Mohammed Jassim for their service to the Coalition Forces in Iraq.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit copies of this resolution to Zaman Hasan Alsaedi and Mohaned Mohammed Jassim.


HR 1564/DI 84



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