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        A HOUSE RESOLUTION recognizing HOPE and Fountains of Hope International.

    Whereas, HOPE and Fountains of Hope International are dedicated to bringing one of man's most basic needs _ clean water _ to countries where it is lacking;

    Whereas, HOPE, an acronym for Helping Other People Everywhere, was established by nine students, three teachers, and four other leaders from Metropolitan High School in Indianapolis;

    Whereas, This science group decided to make a difference by helping others and voted to install a water purifier system at an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where one of their

members grew up;

    Whereas, Goodwill Industries provided the majority of the funding for the HOPE project through its charter school affiliation, and the Rotary Club of Indianapolis sponsored a purifier system that the students installed;

    Whereas, Fountains of Hope International is committed to the installation, integration, and teaching of safe water solutions for the poorest around the world by providing water purification, well drilling, health and hygiene education, and disaster relief;

    Whereas, Fountains of Hope International was founded by Bill Farrar; and

    Whereas, The students and faculty of the HOPE project and the members of Fountains of Hope International have helped struggling people improve their lives by providing clean, fresh drinking water: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana House of Representatives acknowledges the efforts of the students and faculty of the Metropolitan High School and the HOPE project to help the people of Haiti improve their lives.
    SECTION 2. That the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit copies of this resolution to HOPE project members Rodeline Holcomb, Tyler Mitchem, Brianna McCart, Melissa Horn, Tionna Willis, Charmaine Norris, Brandon Taber, Tyler Phelps, and Chelsea Arnold; teachers Kristen Engle, Laura Garrison, and Clare Wildhack Nolan; and leaders Bill Farrar, Nicholas Reich, Michaela Farrar, and Breanna Holder.


HR 1535/DI 84



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