SB 518-3_ Filed 02/07/2013, 08:53 Lanane



    I move
that Senate Bill 518 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 27, line 38; (13)MO051803.27. -->     Page 27, line 38, after "first." insert " If a person receiving and filing an application under this subsection does not indicate on the application the date the person received the application or if the application has any other defect, the county election board or board of elections and registration shall send to the applicant, not later than forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the application, a written notice that describes the defect and states the method and deadline for correcting the defect so that the applicant may receive an absentee ballot.".
    (Reference is to SB 518 as printed February 5, 2013.)


Senator LANANE

MO051803/DI 102