SB 11-1_ Filed 01/28/2002, 10:49 Young R Michael



    I move
that Senate Bill 11 be amended to read as follows:

SOURCE: Page 2, line 33; (02)MO001101.2. -->     Page 2, line 33, delete "Notwithstanding any other law, no" and insert " This section does not apply to".
    Page 2, line 34, delete "may be".
    Page 2, line 34, delete "a".
    Page 2, line 35, delete "nongovernmental entity or person other than".
    Page 2, line 42, delete "shall assign space on the" and insert " may by rule establish rental fees for office or other space located in the state house that is assigned to a nongovernmental entity or person. The fees collected may not exceed the cost of providing, maintaining, and operating the facilities to which the cost applies.
    (c) Before a rule is adopted under subsection (b), the department shall submit the proposed rule to the budget agency for approval. The budget agency may refer the proposed rule to the legislative division of the budget committee for an advisory recommendation. If the rule is referred, the legislative division of the budget committee shall do the following:
        (1) Hold hearings.
        (2) Exercise any powers under IC 4-12-1-11.
        (3) Make an advisory recommendation to the budget agency.
    (d) If the department establishes fees under subsection (b), it
shall collect the fees and deposit them in the state general fund or as directed by the budget director.
    Delete page 3.
    (Reference is to SB 11 as printed January 25, 2002.)



MO001101/DI 71     2002