Mr. President: Pursuant to Joint Rule 20, your Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure, to which was referred Engrossed Senate Bill 176 because it conflicts with HEA 1902-2003 without properly recognizing the existence of HEA 1902-2003, has had Engrossed Senate Bill 176 under consideration and begs leave to report back to the Senate with the recommendation that Engrossed Senate Bill 176 be corrected as follows:

    Page 2, line 27, after "IC 4-33-6-1" insert ", AS AMENDED BY HEA 1902-2003, SECTION 27,".
    Page 2, line 32, delete "eleven (11)" and insert "ten (10)".
    Page 2, line 33, delete "eleven (11)" and insert "ten (10)".
    Page 3, delete lines 8 through 9.
    Page 3, between lines 16 and 17, begin a new paragraph and insert:
    "(c) In addition to its power to issue owner's licenses under subsection (a), the commission may also enter into a contract under IC 4-33-6.5 with respect to the operation of one (1)

riverboat on behalf of the commission in a historic hotel district.".
    (Reference is to ESB 176 as printed April 7, 2003.)


Senator GARTON, Chairperson


Senator YOUNG, R.M.M.


Senator SERVER

JR 017601/DI 101