SB 432-1_ Filed 02/23/2005, 16:22
Adopted 2/24/2005



    The Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services, to which was referred Senate Bill No. 432, has had the same under consideration and begs leave to report the same back to the Senate with the recommendation that said bill be AMENDED as follows:

SOURCE: Page 1, line 9; (05)CR043201.1. -->     Page 1, line 9, delete "This SECTION does not apply to the following:" and insert " The office of the secretary of family and social services established by IC 12-8-1-1 shall develop a plan that does the following:
        (1) Determines the number of comprehensive care beds that the state:
            (A) currently needs; and
            (B) will need in the future.
        (2) Makes recommendations, after studying the successful programs used in other states, in addressing the cost of the Medicaid program and long term care.
        (3) Recommends methods to encourage individuals to plan for the family's long term care needs.
        (4) Recommends ways to limit individuals from using loopholes to acquire or maintain Medicaid eligibility.
        (5) Recommends alternative payment systems and provider systems for the state's Medicaid program, including the feasibility of competitive bidding, vouchers, and other systems.
        (6) Makes recommendations concerning reducing Medicaid oversight costs.
        (7) Develops and sets forth a long term care budget for the state.
        (8) Recommends other savings sources for the Medicaid program.
        (9) Sets forth other long term care needs for the state.
The office shall submit the plan in electronic format under IC 5-14-6 to the legislative council not later than December 1, 2005.
    Page 1, delete lines 10 through 17.
    Page 2, line 12, delete "2007." and insert " 2006.".
    Page 2, delete lines 13 through 30.
    (Reference is to SB 432 as introduced.)

and when so amended that said bill do pass.

Committee Vote: Yeas 9, Nays 2.



CR043201/DI 104    2005