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Citations Affected: None (noncode).

Synopsis: FSSA evaluation survey. Requires the family and social services administration (FSSA) to provide certain information to the evaluation staff of the legislative services agency. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the FSSA evaluation committee.)

Effective: January 1, 2006 (retroactive).


    January 9, 2006, read first time and referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services.


Second Regular Session 114th General Assembly (2006)

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    A BILL FOR AN ACT concerning human services.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

SOURCE: ; (06)IN0042.1.1. -->     SECTION 1. [EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2006 (RETROACTIVE)] (a) As used in this SECTION, "office" refers to the office of the secretary of family and social services.
    (b) Notwithstanding any other law, the office shall provide to the evaluation staff of the legislative services agency, solely for purposes of performing the survey required by SCR 7-2005, the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals who receive services administered by the office.
    (c) All information provided by the office to the evaluation staff of the legislative services agency is confidential. Any information resulting from the survey from which the identity of an individual could be determined is confidential and may not be disclosed to any other party.
    (d) This SECTION expires July 1, 2007.

SOURCE: ; (06)IN0042.1.2. -->     SECTION 2. An emergency is declared for this act.